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Free Ableton Plugin of the Week: Supa Trigga

Get your glitch on in Ableton Live, Logic, or anything that supports AU and VST plugins with Supa Trigga, which you can find here. Free, easy to install, and easy to use for starter or pro DJs, it's a crazy little tool to add to your collection. Take a bassline, beat, vocal melody, whatever: it'll glitch it out for you, competing up against designer software Effectrix. This thing will automatically take whatever you put in and slice it up into a series of smaller chunks (the size of the chunks is up to you.) From there it's all up to a few different sliders you can mess with to reverse, rearrange, modify, and add an element to a track that sounds professional, all for the cost of $0.00. Oh, by the way, you can do this all live. Take any song you want, chop it up, instant remix for you lazy people. So head over yonder and download it now for realz.


This is just a tiny example of a little stuttery thing, for all you D&B people.

Let me know if you need help installing it into Live and Logic.

A Classic...